Friday, September 07, 2007

Go Daddy!

Jeff has been weight lifting for over 25 years, & this is the first time Reese & Mommy have had a chance to see. I am in complete awe that he has stuck with weight lifting for so many years, and I'm even in MORE awe that he continues to challenge himself. I get 6 or 8 weeks into a workout & give up. So to push through illness, pain, injury, boredom, & schedule problems and prioritize his bodily health is such dedication on his part.

Today, for the first time ever, Jeff had video & pictures taken of his workout. When Jeff is a Great-Grandpa, & he's got great-grandkids sitting on his lap, & he tells his stories of how strong he was, I wanted to have proof :) He says pushing this much weight now days starts to hurt his joints, and there will be a day where his joints can't support lifting like this.

So I was glad he let me come in and take pictures of his workout. I have to put them here to brag just a *little* bit. I'm not proud because of his amazing body (although I do love it!), but I'm proud because he sticks with his plan, exercises even when he doesn't feel like it at all, & pushes through the tough times to achieve his goal. But Jeff pretty much does that with everything in his life. What a man :)

Here's Jeff squatting 405 lbs. Yes, I said four hundred and five pounds! It just made me hold my breath to see him do that. Check out the actually bends from the weight.

You can't lift like that without getting some pretty cut legs:

Benching 285lbs:

And every time I asked Daddy to flex for me, I'd take a picture then Reese would hop in front of my camera & flex so I could see his muscles too:

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