Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey Mom, What's In Your Purse?

OK, so a Blogger-friend at Mom Is Teaching has started a fun thread about finding out what's in Moms' purses. I'm a big Nosy-Nellie, so this peaked my interest right away! I'm the kind of person who wants to open the bathroom cabinets at people's houses, just to see what's in there...but I don't because that would be RUDE! I'm the kind of person who wishes I could open all my Christmas presents early without anyone knowing..but I don't because that would be WRONG! But this...oh yes...people letting me look through their purses because I shared mine? I'm all over that!
First, the outside of my purse:

It's pretty basic, boring, and big. It's leather, but was found for cheap on sale because I love a bargain. I remember I picked this one because it would hold much more than my back-pack style purse I used prior.

Peering down inside:

I liked the inside because one, it's purple (my favorite color), and two, it's got lots of sections. I'm a mega-organizer (although since Reese came along 4 years ago Jeff will probably disagree), so this purse just makes me happy. There's a pocket or a section for everything! However, I was puzzled to find so many strange items in my purse that didn't belong together. Next project: organize said purse better.

And now, join me on a journey into The Purse Pockets! What treasures will we find?

The contents of Section 1:

*My cell phone--majorly important & has it's own special little pocket within Section 1 so I can fish it out quickly when it rings.

*Always be prepared: spare contact lens case, bandaid kit, anti-bacterial Wet Ones, Tums

*Toys always seem to migrate into my purse. In this pocket we have a black jaguar & a silver gun that belongs to a Star Wars action figure.

*Pad & pen, good for quick notes or entertaining Reese on the run.

*I hate to litter, so I'll throw a small piece of trash into my purse before I'll drop it on the ground. I think that clear thing is a sucker wrapper from the bank.

*Piece of paper with the after-hours emergency phone number of Reese's pediatrician.

Here's Section 2:

*Wallet...where did I put my license?

*Jessie's unused gift cards from Christmas. Yes, they've almost lasted a full year!

*3 cough drops, since I've been coughing like a mad woman lately

*1 roll of Smartees that Reese got from the photographer when we were trying to take his 4 year old portraits. Nice of them to offer, but Reese doesn't like them, so we politely put them in my purse & said thank you. I am eating these as I type this now :)

*A few more pieces of trash. Do they make purse-sized trash cans?

*Some mint gum that's pretty gross. I should throw that away probably.

*VitaSplash pouch to add to a bottle of water. I find I drink lots more water if it tastes like something other than...well...water

Section 3:

* This must be my "toy box" section. Geez. Let's see, there's a broken slinky from Chuck E Cheese's prize counter (was it really worth 80 tickets?), a Storm Trooper toy from Star Wars, a car, a stuffed green parrot from a Sonic kid's meal, & two plastic rings (one skull ring from Pirates of Caribbean sword & one yellow fly from someplace I can't remember).

*Tweezers & case for some good 'ole stopped-at-the-red-light eyebrow plucking! Nothing like sunlight to highlight all those stray hairs.

*Subway coupons from Grammie

*Sucker that comes with a lid. What a bright idea!

*Pen (which should be with the paper pad...naughty pen)

*Reese's dirty band-aid. Gross. But again, I hate to litter.

*A few other random pieces of trash

Section 4:

* Change of clothes for Reese including undies, socks, shorts, & t-shirt. Having this extra stash has proven useful more than once because he hates to get dirty or messy. Not really used for potty accidents. Used more for Oops-I-fell-in-the-mud accidents.

*Pink sunglasses, because Reese says "I like the pink ones Mom!"

*Brochures for Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA group. I leave these like bird droppings...just place them here and there, wherever I go to spread the word about this fun group!

*More trash. That owl that says "Give a hoot. Don't pollute" should thank me. I need a trash pocket in my purse.

*Coins for the video games at the movie theater. I bought some extras the last time we went to save, & now I know where they went!

*Another cough drop, but this was old & gross.

*Red crayon. Not sure why. Probably a restauraunt left-over.

Section 5:
*This is that little zippered pocket inside the purse.

*My keys & keychain with pictures of Austen, Jessie, Jeff & Reese. The keychain was a gift from Austen & Jessie, and I love having everyone's pictures with me all the time.

*More tokens from the arcade at the movie theater.

*I don't wear lipstick, so I have two lip glosses I combine. One is from Bath & Bodyworks and it smells pepperminty and it's sheer and I love it. Second is a heavier gloss to add more color. Reese likes to wear the sheer one :)

That's it! Nothing controversial, lots of kid-friendly stuff, and most of the stuff I need to be prepared. Now I'm going to organize the pockets the proper way :)

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