Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disney World!!!

A quick mini-visit to Disney World was perfect yet again! The crowds were quite small, and we tried out a new hotel this time, which turned out to be a good choice. Hmmmmm....when should we go back?

Reese somehow manages to sweet-talk us into souviners somehow. This time, he picked an assortment of cars that look like Disney rides. His favorite was the Test Track car, and that's his favorite ride as well!
Reese chilling out on the bed after a LONG day at the parks! This time around, without trying really, we stayed up much later than our normal Disney times, and Reese walked WAY more than he's ever walked at Disney. I think all that added up to a pooped out kid (and Mommy and Daddy!)

Reese in front of Tower of of his favorite rides. Everyone always stares when we're in line with this little guy. The height requirement for the ride is 40 inches, and Reese is about 40.5 inches, so he just makes the cut. The does not like the beginning part where they have scenes from Twilight Zone and that creepy music. But once the show part is over and the falling part of the ride begins, he's on top of the world!

Daddy licking a bust of Andy Griffith. The ongoing joke in our house is that Daddy loves to watch the Andy Griffith show re-runs, and Mommy moans and groans every time he puts it on. I almost have him convinced I really hate the show...when in reality it's not that bad :) So we found this bust of Andy, and I said "Hey, give him a kiss while I snap a picture!" I guess Jeff REALLY loves Andy, because he licked him instead. Maybe I can get lucky like that...

Sporting some 3D glasses for the Muppet 3D Show. Funny how Reese has become afraid of things as he's gotten older. The first time he went, at 2 years old, he wasn't afraid of any of the shows. But now, most 3D shows scare him and even the Muppet Show is not something he wants to see. He spent the whole show sitting on Daddy's lap with his head turned the other way!
Watching the "Crash Car Show", as Reese calls it. It's a cool high-speed, really loud car chase show that Reese thinks is the bee's knees. Notice how he's holding Daddy's arm? In the past, and I mean always and everywhere, Reese wanted Mommy to do everything (hold him, sit with him, get things for him, etc). But in the past few weeks, there has been an amazing transformation in Reese. Daddy has become his first choice in most things, and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy to see this change! Reese wants to sit with Daddy everywhere, he wants Daddy to hold him, he asks Daddy for things now instead of only me. Since Reese sleeps with us, and there were only double beds at the hotel, Jeff had one bed and Reese and I had the other. In the past, he's always slept with me. One night this time, though, Reese asked to sleep with Daddy and didn't wake up until he needed to pee! It is such a beautiful relationship they have...

I think Reese ate more hotdogs than in his whole life combined. And he didn't poop the whole 3 days we were there. Related? I'm thinking so :)

The boys walking to Tower of Terror while snacking.
This year, Disney is doing their Year of A Million Dreams...or something like that...where they pick random people and grant them "wishes." All sorts of cool cutting to the front of a line, getting a pass to cut to the front of every line for that day, free ice creams, getting to participate in a parade, even a stay in the new suite in Cinderella's Castle! As we were walking off the Tower of Terror, they stopped us and asked if we'd like to ride again. Sure! So we rode a secret elevator back to the front of the line, and got to ride again. Afterwards, they gave Reese this certificate. Cool!

Reese got to ride the StarWars ride for the first time this trip. Of course, each ride's exit puts you out into a gift shop of that ride. So when we left the StarWars ride, Reese found this cool gun which he just HAD to have. Daddy said we would come get it at the end of the day at the park, so we didn't have to carry it the whole way around, and Reese waited very patiently. Here, we're waiting for the bus back to the hotel, and Reese is zapping the ducks with his gun. Poor ducks.

Reese always, always wants to go to the very back of the bus to sit.
"Let's go this way!"

On our way home! Reese is the easiest traveler. We bring the same blanket, pillow, and stuffed animal each time we fly. We have our little routine...get on the plane, look at the plane safety booklet thingy, take off his shoes, wait for take off, get out blanket and pillow once we're in the air...and then Reese goes to sleep. Any time of day this works! He makes travel so very, very easy...unlike the child behind me on this flight who kicked my seat the entire 3 hours!

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