Friday, May 11, 2007

Grammie & GGMa came to visit for a few nights and we had a great time together! Grammie was in town to teach a Property Management course she created, so we got a quick visit with her, and a nice longer visit with GGMa.

One of the costumes that the characters of Grammie's course wear. This particular guy's name is Ura Loser...Reese thought he was pretty funny!

Reese & Mommy set a pretty table & cooked a yummy Happy Mother's Day dinner for Grammie & GGMa since they would be gone before Sunday.

We took GGMa to a small, local nursery center called Lantana Gardens. Lots of pretty flowers, and a beyond-cute gift shop...and even a cute cat that ran around! Reese found a gardener's hat to try on...

And Mommy found some cute little ceramic mushrooms. Thanks to GGMa for getting them for me! I saw these at another nursery, in all colors of the rainbow, but Lantana Gardens just had these little two, and they were so perfect and cute.

Reese, GGMa, and I went to the Galleria today to visit Slappy's Puppet Playhouse and see the marionette show of Willy Wonka. It was great fun, as long as you don't get freaked out by creepy dolls (hey, Tam!). Reese watched the entire 45 minute show without a word or a wiggle, so I know he liked it! Here's a video:

After the show, we went to Corner Bakery for lunch and watched the ice skaters below. My favorite sandwich from there: Ham on Pretzel. I could eat that for every meal of every day...something about the crusty pretzel bread, the Havarti cheese, the yummy mustard...YUM-O!!!

We can't wait to see Grammie & GGMa again!

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