Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fun Family Day

Reading Fox In Socks in the car on the way to Chuck E Cheese. Not so much reading the words...more like making up his own story. But the story WAS all about Fox In Socks!
Fun morning at Chuck E Cheese with Daddy & Mommy. Air hockey is one of Reese's favorite games.

Playing a helicopter game. Also turned into an airplane game. This ride made Daddy feel sick!

Daddy & Reese at the water shooting game. When he wanted to beat Daddy, Reese was a really good shot!

Daddy playing a catch-the-ball-in-a-cup game. You had to catch 7 balls in order to win the "Grand Prize" of 22 tickets. Seemed awfully interesting that you just couldn't get 7 balls before the time ran out. Hmmmm..fixed maybe? The most Jeff got was 6. So close :)

Riding the jet ski game.
Tonight, Reese and I went to Twilight Tunes on Denton Square. A cool outdoor concert in Denton on the steps of the courthouse. There were all sorts of funky stores in the middle of downtown Denton, and this one had every funky thing you could imagine. Reese was in awe of all the insturments they had for sale. I'm glad the store was closed...I have a feeling we would have come home with a drum set :)

This store also had a HUGE selection of swords and ninja weapons (I guess?). Not sure when or where one would use this curved blade thing...but Reese wanted to buy it. Um, no!

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