Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Let me just say that Jeff should have a special day EVERY day... He is such a wonderful loving father & so open and loving to Austen, Jessie, & Reese (not to mention me!). We spread Father's Day into two days, so that Jeff could do his "Saturday Eating", which means eat whatever sounds good!

Saturday, we ate lunch at a new place called Culvers. They have a breaded tenderloin sandwich that Jeff was dying to try, and let me just say that it was AMAZING! I've never heard of "tenderloin sandwich" before, but I'm getting that the next time we visit Culvers! Sunday morning, Jessie babysat Reese while he napped so that Jeff & I could have a nice Corvette ride together...out to WalMart to buy a new Madden '06 PS2 game & then to McDonalds for an ice cream cone (we did grab lunch for the kids, so we're not totally mean parents...sneaking away for ice cream while the kids are at home...). We're not ready yet to leave Reese with any sitters for a whole meal, so these little quick outings are fun for us. When we got home, Jessie was doing perfect sitter-duty...Reese was awake and sitting with her on the couch watching cartoons. What a great Big Sister!

After Jessie, Reese, and & I made an unsuccessful trip to the petstore to find more snails for Daddy's fish tank, we came home & hopped in the pool, splashing & having fun. I was taking pictures of Jeff, Jessie, & Reese racing down the beach entry into the pool. What fun they had!

Austen & Jessie picked out a great shirt for on the picture to enlarge & read the caption. They've got him pegged! Reese's favorite gift he picked out for Daddy was a remote control flying saucer which he (Reese) has mastered flying around the living room & tormenting the dogs. Mabye he'll share the gift & let Daddy get some flying time someday!

I'm glad there is a special day to celebrate Jeff, because he is the backbone of our family, my port in the storm, & a wonderful provider for all. I couldn't have asked for a better husband!

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