Monday, June 19, 2006

A Big Swimming Day

I took Reese to a new splash park today to check it out. Boy, did we have fun! The weather was great, sunny and not too hot. Reese found a climbing thing that had a twisty slide on it that ended up in the kiddie pool, so he must have gone down the slide about 50 times! They also had some great splash areas, and Reese & Mommy had fun trying to dodge the water...Especially from the buckets overhead that would dump water all over you at random times.

Reese can be very strong willed though...he detests sunscreen on his face, and will throw a major fit every time I attempt to put sunscreen on. Lovely! At the water park, he had a major melt down & said he would rather go home than put sunscreen on his face again. Well, Mommy won that battle, and after sitting at the picnic table for a few minutes with new sunscreen on his face, he perked up and asked if we could go slide again. Ah...who said it was the Terrible Twos? What about the Impossible Threes? I think we've entered that stage....

The last picture is Reese tonight. Our nightly routine is dinner, bath, & "cuddles" on the couch together. Well, he made it through dinner, we skipped the bath (because, hey, we swam that's clean, right?), and put on pjs. We cuddled for about 5 minutes, and Reese was OUT...rarely will he fall asleep on the couch like this. I took this picture at 5:35! Talk about being worn smooth, huh?

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