Monday, June 02, 2008

Summer Nights

One of my favorite summer evening rituals is going out in the backyard & front yard with Reese to look for "hoppers." We usually have a few toads that reside in the front & one toad that lives in the back and hangs around the pool.

Last night, when we went out, Reese found a frog in the pool, which we eventually got out after trying the pool brush, then hopping in the pool to chase the frog around the water. Turns out it was a bullfrog from the golf course ponds & could SWIM fast!

Once we pulled him out of the pool, he sat so very still in my hand...

Reese and I took a minute to compare my bullfrog to his toad. Ou can really see the difference in face structure & coloring.

We put the bullfrog in a bucket & tried taking it to the golf course to let it go in the pond, but it hopped out while we were driving the golf cart to the water & so we headed back home. I was just glad I didn't run him over!

When we were out in the front, we came upon this Mommy spider... If you look closely, you can see a bunch of white "dots" on her back. Those are all her baby spiders, and if you touch her you'll see hundreds of them scatter, only to come back to safety on Mommy's back. It's truly amazing.

Reese got really close to the spider & was "cooing" at her and telling her what a good Mommy spider she is. Such a tender hearted boy...


Anonymous said...

Hey can you make sure to remove any frogs or other amphibians from the pool before the party today?!

PS-Your camera takes fantastic pictures!!

HRH said...

ewww on the spider. even though it is cool.