Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Way Did I Just Eat That...Did I?

One of my favorite guilt-free snacks are pickles. Any kind of pickles...sweet, bread & butter, dill, kosher, sliced, whole, mini...whatever. I love me some pickles. Even pickled okra. Just yum.

Last week, I dug into the fridge to find a jar of cold, crispy pickle slices...the perfect treat to go with my cheese. Found this jar:

And I dug in. Must have had about five or six slices. Yumm-o deluxe!

Fast forward two days, and I'm moving things around in the fridge and I see this peeking up at me:
Want a closer look? Here...
And if you still can't tell what I'm posting pictures of pickles on this blog, here's a shot with the jar open & peering down inside:
Now, I was eating pickles from this jar just two days ago. That fuzzy pickle looks like it's been growing a while. Could I have possibly consumed a fuzzy dill slice? Just gross.

I need to get one of these gadgets that my friend Holly uses.

May no more hairy pickled cukes cross my lips....


Renee said...

That's just gross! Hey, ignorance is bliss right?! Hee hee!

HRH said...

Soooo gross. You totally need a days ago timer. ASAP. I will set one for you until you can get one!

Elizabeth said...

Actually, that much mold CAN grow pretty quickly...Ask Dawn at Because I said So!
Thanks for coming by...I'll be adding this blog to my regular rotation!
Blessings, EJT

cbashara said...

Oh wow! I didn't even think pickles could grow mold! Grossness!