Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thank You For My Front Row Seat

Each year, we get little Birdy Visitors who make nests in our junipers. Sometimes they choose my potted plants on the patio to nest in. This year, I'm especially lucky because I have two pots with nests in them.

One is in the cabana, in a short pot where we can easily view the coming eggs/hatchlings.

But what I found special the fern pot right next to the living room windows, a birdy has kicked dirt all over the patio so it can make a hole in the soil. All afternoon, she's (?) been bringing green fluffy grass stuff to pad the nest with. She lands on the railing, hops to the lounge chair, perches on the side of the pot, & I can see her hop down into the hole and put her grass just so. Even more lucky for me, the hole/nest faces the house so that if I look out the window, it's right there in front of my face.

I think this is one of my favorite springtime events. Flowers are pretty, but somewhat predictable. Baby birds, however, are always exciting. I never know where the nest will be built. I never know when we'll find the little blue-gray eggs inside. And I never know quite when we'll find the first little bald heads bobbing around.

And, sadly (for me), I never know when I'll look in the nest and find all the grown birdies gone. Perhaps this year I'll get to catch the first flights from my patio windows.

**I borrowed this picture from a Google search, so I can't take credit for the awesome photo. The bird, however, is a thrush & is the kind of birds that make nests in my plants!**

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