Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anatomy Of A Bluebonnet Photo Session

As a kid growing up in Austin, taking picturs in the bluebonnets was par for the course...it's just something that you did every April no matter what.

Last year, I took Reese to Round Rock for a visit with Grammie & GGMA and found an awesome patch of bluebonnets hidden behind this little church. It had to be over an acre of solid bluebonnets. Talk about some fun pictures!

Around here though, we're a little more hard pressed to find good patches of bluebonnets for photo ops. So we've got iffy bluebonnet patches. Add to that one boy who really hates having his pictures taken. That's why everything with Reese is always candid style photos.

Here's what happens when I ask him to "sit on this log by the bluebonnets & smile for me please!"

Why do I have to sit here?

Mommy, this is boring. I don't want you to take my picture.

I'm getting frustrated. Can I stop please?

I hate having my picture taken. I hate cheese. No way am I going to smile.

You found another log you want me to sit on? OK. Cheeeese.

See, candid is always better!

Maybe a little hike will help. Then I can sneak some more pictures...

You found a rock this time? Moooooom. Puhleeze.

Mommy, look at this stick!

How's this? Cheese!


Wouldn't you know it? My favorite picture of the day was while he was throwing rocks in the lake & there wasn't a bluebonnet in sight!!

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HRH said...

too funny. You did get some good pictures, but it looks like you worked for them!