Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend Happenings...Finally!

Blogger finally let me get some pictures posted yesterday, and now I can share our weekend with you!!

Austen came home Friday night for Spring Break & went to Denise's since we had to get up for Jessie's games Saturday morning.

Saturday morning came early. Jess had a volleyball tournament, which meant we had to wake up at 5:30 (Jess & I) and leave at 6:30 to arrive at the tournament by the 7:00 show-up time she was given.

Knowing we had an outdoor birthday party to attend later in the day, I wasn't happy when I saw this on the car thermometer:

The plan: Jeff would stay home with Reese in the morning, I would watch Jessie until about 9:30. Then I'd come home & get Reese ready for his best friend's 5th (!!!) birthday party.

Jessie played the first game at 8:00 and did AWESOME~she is amazing at the net & her serves are getting wicked-accurate. Check out our girl in action:

And here:

I couldn't be MORE proud of her!

I ended up leaving at 9:00 since the girls had the next game off & Denise was at the game already. I always feel weird about leaving Jessie at the gym by herself...I worry about her getting hurt & what would happen if no parents were there!

As I'm heading home, our realtor calls & asks if he can show our house in a few hours. I get home & fly through the house with Jeff's help getting everything picked up and cleaned. We finish just in time to head over to the birthday party & have a great afternoon. The weather had warmed up considerably & it was beautiful outside.

The house showing was a bust...they stayed literally for two minutes & left. Apparently, our master bedroom was too small. All that cleaning & hustling for nothing. Ugh.

Around noon, Jeff headed up to the tournament while Reese & I were at the party. After the party, I took Reese up to the gym to meet up with Daddy & Denise to watch the rest of Sissy's day. Her tournaments usually last from 8:00-3:00ish, which makes for a FULL day for everyone, especially Jess!

We all ended up back home in the afternoon, and Jeff and Jess picked up dinner for everyone on their way home. Austen arrived shortly after that & we were all finally back together. I dearly miss a full house when Aus is away at college & Jess is with her mom. I know Reese completely digs having everyone home!

Of course, it's a rare occasion now when I have all 3 kids together, so I had them all get together for a picture.

"OK...everyone say cheese!" "Um, OK. Let's try again. Say cheese!"
These three bring more joy into my life than I ever imagined possible!! This picture perfectly captured our life together, so I didn't push for anymore :)

The rest of Saturday was filled with lots of Guitar Hero (which Austen brought home from college so he, Reese, & Jessie could play...what a great brother!), then his PS3 died for no reason. Jeff did some research and found out this is a common problem & Aus called customer service Saturday night. We were surprised when they answered, & very pleasantly surprised when they said they'd send a shipping box to us, & send out a new machine once they received ours. Guess it really IS a common problem.

Sunday was time to be lazy. Reese was ready to wake Aus & Sissy up at 9:00...luckily I was able to distract him long enough so that they could each wake up when they were ready.

Jeff & Austen had a big round of NFL Street Football on Jeff's PS2. Reese played with them until it was time for us to leave & see the Lewisville Lake Symphony's performance of Peter and the Wolf, accompanied by ballet dancers (I forget which ballet school they came from).

I made sure we got there early so we could get good seats & we were able to sit right in the front row by the orchestra. Reese loved watching the violins play.

The show started & Reese was glued to the stage....
After the performance, there was an "instrument petting zoo". Reese went through the line four times so he could get his hands on a cello & a violin.

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HRH said...

I love the pictures of the 3 kids together...although it doesn't give me much hope that it gets easier as they get older!

So fun to see you guys today and glad everyone went home injury free and DRY.