Thursday, March 13, 2008

Discus & Shotput

Jessie had her first Track & Field meet of the season Wednesday evening. She did really well & placed 3rd in discus, throwing 67ft 3in. Check out Jessie's power!:

After discus, we waited a while & then it was time for shotput.

Jessie did great on her throws, but the measure judge jipped Jessie and didn't count her second throw (which was farther than the first). We never figured out why, & I don't know how Jessie placed in shotput...we all boogied before the final throwers showed up.
Jeff tried to convince Jessie she should spin as she throws discus...Jessie says she throws into the fence when she tries. I want to see that! :)

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HRH said...

Yeah! That is too cool.