Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Stars Have Aligned

The stars have aligned...or there's got to be some other cosmic explanation. For years (and I mean years and years) my sweet hubby has mocked my love for all things Reality TV. He's never understood the draw. Until last night...

Actually, I guess it goes back a few months. I talked him into watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsey, and being an ex-cook himself, Jeff really got into the whole idea of the show. I had planted a seed....

So last night, Wife Swap came on & I could tell as he grit his teeth that he'd put up with one hour of my nonsense. was a great show (aren't they all?) and he actually LIKED watching it! Something about the feminist-homeschool family VS beauty pageant-lazy daughter family made for good drama.

THEN...Super Nanny came next. Did I dare leave the channel where it was set & see if hubby would watch another hour of Reality TV with me? Sure enough, we watched it together & (just like Sam I Am & Mikey say) "Try it, you'll like it!" proved true!

Now I was really pushing my luck, because a BONUS second hour of Super Nanny was coming on. Dare I? This episode was actually heart wrenching. The two teenagers had called the show because they were left at home to homeschool themselves AND care for their three brothers (all under the age of 4) all day long while Dad worked & Mom worked (sort of).

The two teen girls were trying their hardest to learn via online school, keep the house & chores done, feed the youngers breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Dad said the girls were essentially lazy & didn't do enough around the house from what he saw. Mom threw her hands in the air & gave up when the youngers started throwing fits, leaving the Teens in charge to help put the youngers to bed.

I know TV can skew things, & the producers pick just the right clips to set the scene. But one look at the two Teens told SO much more than the show ever could. They were purely worn out, and nobody was going to help them. Until Super Nanny gave the parents a wake up call.

Anyway--my synopsis is bland compared to the show. It really was a good one.

At the end, Jeff said "You watch such stressful shows!"

So Jeff--thank you for making my life so unstressful, so that I have to seek it through a TV show. You rock, honey!!

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