Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The "Winter" Concert

We attended Jessie's school "Winter Concert" last night. Which they might as well have called the Christmas Concert or some other name, because every single song was a Christmas song. With one Hanukkah song thrown in. Why call it a "Winter Concert?"

Jessie looked beautiful....dressed up in a floor-length black velvet/satin dress, hair done so pretty. Her Cantori choir sang two songs & were the best group to perform (in my humble opinion!).

As I taped her singing, it brought back memories of when she was 4 and performed in her dance recital. Just stood there, on stage front & center, with her mouth wide open, looking to the side at her neighbor, & sort of danced...but just barely. It's hard to believe that 10 years later, I'm sitting at the concert looking at such a grown-up young lady. She was precious then, and she's beautiful now. I'm proud to be part of her life....

**This video, unfourtanetly, cuts off in the middle of Jessie's performance because I taped for too long & my file size exceeded the limit for any of the photo/video hosting sites I use. Enjoy what you can!! It's awesome..**

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