Monday, December 17, 2007

Ignite Volleyball Tourney December 15-16

Jessie's Club volleyball team, Ignite, had a two day tournament this weekend. It started Saturday morning in Dallas & ended Sunday afternoon in Plano.

Let's see...Jeff had to wake up Jessie Saturday morning at 5:45 so they could leave at 6:15 for their 7:00 show-up time. The first game was at 8:00, & Jessie had 3 games throughout the day. We didn't leave the tournament Saturday until 2:00ish.

Sunday was a repeat...except Jessie had to go to Plano instead of Dallas. Her first game was at 8:00, followed by an 11:00 game which was supposed to be the last game for their team in the tournament. Right after that game finished, we were told that another team in the tournament didn't get their two games in, so Jessie's team was volunteered to play a 3rd game.

That didn't get going until about 12:45, so we ended up staying at the tournament until about 1:45. That's A LOT of volleyball for one girl~

Jessie rocked...what more can I say? She's a Net Monster deluxe. Tons of great kills & tips. She's got a very solid serve that scored a big handful of points throughout the weekend. The end result of the tournament is that Ignite won the Bronze bracket...

We'v got tournaments every other weekend, but most of them are single day tournaments. I thought that was better, until at the game last night the Moms were talking (who have had experience with the Club scene) and said that the one day tournaments often last 12 hours. It should be interesting! :)

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