Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Really Got Off Easy...

With Austen at Texas State this year, we wanted to stay close to home for Thanksgiving so that he could come home, decompress, relax, & not have to travel anywhere else.

We are hosting Thanksgiving, which I was really intimidated by at first. However, everyone has stepped up to prepare foods & here's what's already being taken care of:

Thanksgiving Breakfast: Jeff has taken charge of this & is making French's his special recipe & I can't wait to eat some!

Turkey: Dad is frying one here
Ham: Dad is bringing a Honeybaked Ham (oh yum!)
Bread: Denise & Jessie are making some yummy rolls & bread
Desserts: Denise & Jessie are whipping up the pumpkin pie & another dessert; Grammie is bringing a chocolate cake (which was the source of great laughter between the two of us....a chocolate cake for Thanksgiving...I smell a tradition!)
Sweet Potato Casserole: GGMa is preparing ahead of time & bringing it with her
Homemade Cranberry Sauce: Grammie is preparing ahead of time & bringing it with her

Appetizers: I'm making some today to re-heat tomorrow & others are almost no-prep foods, so that's easy

Salad: Bagged spinach, sliced strawberries, & almond slivers with a sweet dressing. All tossed together. Easy as can be!

So, what does that leave me with? Vegetables. I can handle that :)

Add that to my list of things I'm Thankful for: family & friends who pitch in. You all rock!

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