Monday, November 19, 2007

I Hate Transformers....There, I Said It

I try to be a Good Mommy. Really, I do. But does playing with a Transformer really have to be in my job description?

Reese loves Transformers. I remember, as a kid, my brother loved them. But I remember the early 80s Transformer toys as simple car-to-robot toys.

Have 'ya seen the Transformers of today? Oh. My. Gosh. It takes a degree in Astrophysics (or some other equally intelligent sounding degree) to make the Car turn into the Robot now days.

I purchased a Transformer for Reese today at the store. It took approximately thirty seconds from box-open to boy-in-tears because it was so frustrating for him. Mommy had turned the Hummer into a Robot & the Robot wouldn't do whatever Reese was trying to make it do. Instead, it kept losing parts. Like, the legs & arms are all attached with a ball & socket joint. Good for anatomy lesson. Not so good for a boy who is trying to make him move. Our Transformers never had these "removable" parts...they were all attached & you just moved them around. Must toys these days have a bazillion parts? Seriously.

OK, so Mom to the rescue & we get the Robot back to being "right". Reese sleeps with his Transformer during his naps & loses it's hand. Again, WHY does the hand have to come off? Come on, guys!

So I fish the hand out of the couch cushions & then Reese asks me to turn the thing back into a Truck. Okayyyyy.

It took me 20 minutes. Honestly. And I almost had to just give up. Parts kept falling off. Things didn't fit back together. The headlights of the car were facing inside. His feet were sticking out instead of facing in. The tires were on the top. I hate Transformers.


jugglingpaynes said...

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!
We have the same problem. If he loses the directions (and I use that term loosely) we're lost.
He also likes Yu-Gi-Oh, the game where every card has its own set of rules. Why can't anything be simple? Luckily our son has a dad to deal with these things, or I would have gone insane long ago. :o)
Peace and Laughter,

Happy Campers said...

The funny thing is, Jeff tried to help Reese with the Transformer too but he couldn't figure it out either! HA!