Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Volleyball STAR!

Jessie pretty much single-handedly won the game for Lamar last night! This was their last home game of the season, so the coache's and parents had special gifs (flowers, teddy bears, & necklaces) for the girls.

The started by introducing the girls one at a time. The roars of cheer that Jessie got rocked!

Once the game started, it was close all the way through the first game until Jessie came up to serve. There were 13 points on the board to start, and Jessie helped score 11 points serving! Her serves were so dead-on accurate. She has continued to improve over the season, & she definitely has her serve down now! They won the first match in the end & it was on to the 2nd match.

The second match was also a close game, & at the very end, Lamar was only ahead by a few points. They had 1 more point to win the game, so Coach put Jessie in to serve & win the game.

First serve, & SCORE!!! I was so excited for Jessie, because that's got to be the best feeling...Coach putting you in to serve because you ROCK, then you do your job & win the game.

After the game, Jessie came with us to eat dinner at Culver's. With the crazy schedules the past & next few weekends, Jessie hasn't been over and it really hit me last night how much I miss having her around!!!!! I am ready to get back to our normal schedule so we can spend more time together....

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