Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Goin' Down In College Town

I got to talk with Austen today, & I'm proud to say he sounds fantastic! He sounds more and more adjusted every time we talk...which is the way it's supposed to be I guess. Some of Austen's highlights from Texas State:

*Classes are too easy...he hopes they get harder. He hasn't had any tests yet, but he think his classes are so very easy. Some are even hard to stay awake in!

*Perhaps classes are hard to stay awake for when he's up until 5am playing video games with his friends! They're all having fun with friends so close that want to play video games together. Sure beats playing by yourself!

*He's already been offered drugs & alcohol. Aus was concerned when he left for college that it would be hard or awkward to turn them down. You could hear the pride in his voice when he told me he said "No" and it was easy. Good for you, son!

*He went to the Texas State football game with some friends, but left shortly after it began because they were losing & "it was boring & he didn't like it."

*Aus is considering joining a Computer Science fraternity, Sigma Chi Sigma. There's talk of some LAN parties...of course, I had to ask what exactly that was because I have no idea. Aus said they would all link their computers together & play against each other in a game. Sounds like fun, & really sounds like a group right up Austen's alley!

We're off to see Austen in a few weeks, so I'll be proud to post some pictures. I wonder if he'll look older to us...he's been away for just over a month now. Hard to believe!

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