Sunday, September 16, 2007

BUSY Saturday!

Reese & Mommy started the day very early with a 1 Mile Fun Run called Race For The Children. It was held in Old Town Lewisville, which is close to our house, so we didn't have to wake up TOO early. But getting up at 6:30 to head out the door by 7:00 was definitely an earlier start than we're accustomed to! Reese was very, very excited to race though...he was determined to win.
At the starting line, ready to take off running! Reese took off sprinting for about 100 yards, then pooped out and walked most of the way. I was very proud because even though he kept saying "Why is it so long?", he never once asked me to carry him! He walked at a leisurely 4 year old pace, and we were SOOOOO far behind everyone else that you couldn't see anyone in front of us, & Reese was convinced we were winning. I didn't argue :)

So even though we finished dead last, the Shriner clowns & race staff were at the finish line cheering Reese onto the mat. His race time: 16 minutes, 30 seconds. For one mile. :)
Reese was very, very proud of his race ribbon.

After the race, Reese & Mommy came home, picked up Daddy and we headed South to Glen Rose...about 1 1/2 hours look at some land for sale. It felt good to start our search in earnest for land, and it was even more fun to take a little day trip together. Although the land didn't turn out to be what we're looking for, the area of Glen Rose has a lot of potential. It's considered Northern Hill Country, and it totally reminded me of being in New Braunfels or Fredricksburg or Austin. Very hilly, lots of (what I assume is) limestone, rocky creeks. Exactly the type of topography we're looking for.
So for the next few months, we'll take some drives to see if we can find the perfect spot for our farm. I've already found the perfect bunk beds for the log house, I found an antler chandelier company I like, & Reese has already named his yet-to-be-acquired goat "Wrestle". I tend to focus on every little detail WAY before necessary...luckily Jeff doesn't put the cart before the horse like I do, and he's more sensible about the process :)
So after our big day trip to Glen Rose, Tammy (neighbor/best friend of Mommy) invited us to a concert at our neighbor's house. The Clark's backyard was absolutely beautiful, and the concert was by an amazing church, drums, singers....they could easily play cover songs and ROCK!
Reese spent most of the two hours there playing football with the older kids. I had to wrestle him to the table for a bite of dinner (along with the free concert, the Clarks fed everyone too!). Reed & Luke were there too, so the boys had a blast together as usual. Here's what happens when I say "Say cheese!" Reese gets a completely fake/scary smile. Oh well...
So after we got home about 9:00, Reese had a quick bath to wash away the sweat/grass/bug spray/lemonade drips & then we all relaxed on the couch together. I think it took approximately 5 minutes for Reese to fall asleep! And he slept until almost 9:00 this morning...we wore that boy out!!

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