Saturday, August 25, 2007

North Texas State Fair & Rodeo

Last Tuesday night, Reese & I ventured to the North Texas State Fair & Rodeo. We did all the requisite fair things...rode the ferris wheel (yikes!), watched the rodeo, visited the petting zoo. Reese wanted a corny dog, but I was out of money by then, so we had to compromise and stop by Sonic on the way home!

Reese's favorite part of any event like this is always the petting zoo. We spent almost an hour with the goats, pigs, camel, & chickens. You can see him kissing, feeding, & hugging the goats in the pictures below.

In the near future, we plan to buy a ranch & can't wait for the day we have our own laying hens & goats & whatever other farm animals we decide on. Reese (and Jessie too I'm sure!) will have so much fun with them!

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