Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back To School Cook Out

On Sunday evening, our neighbors & good friends, the Nolans, hosted a Back To School BBQ at their house. For some kiddos, it's the start of Preschool. For others, it's the start of PreK at home. But this will most likely be the last gathering of our CoOp group since schedules change, and some members have to move to a new CoOp group.

We had a great evening of burgers & dogs, swimming, chatting, Tammy's delicious sangria, and the kids had a BLAST playing. Here's Reese, Jeff, & The Men talking about football, baseball, and whatever else men talk about at these things.
Reese & his best buddy in the pool. It's such a riot to watch the two of them play!

Reese was hiding from me...he isn't really keen on Mommy taking pictures so it's always a surprise when I can get a big smile!
The night finished off with everyone (but mostly Reese, Reed, & Luke) wrestling. These three were really giving it to each other, and poor Nicholas & Emma Rae were the unsuspecting recipients of a grab or two. Once they had wrestled for a while, it started getting a little too rough, so everyone called it a night and headed home.

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