Saturday, July 28, 2007

OK, so I pretty much drive Jessie bonkers with my pictures for the Blog. But it's fun to capture our daily life in pictures, & it makes it even funnier when Jessie gets irked! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Everyone shares a snack & good conversation at Reese's little table in the kitchen.
After the video I made of Jessie's funny pictures (see the Apple Turnover post below), she declared war & snapped some pictures of me sleeping. But see, the funny thing is, she can't post to this blog. So THOSE pictures shall remain on my computer, in their happy little file, for not a soul to see. BUT, I have Blog Power & I caught Jessie in a nap yesterday. So the war continues, snapping pictures while each other sleeps, and I can't wait to share more with you in the future!
Jeff, Jessie, Reese, and I went to the Galleria today. We all love to walk the mall & check out all the gadget shops. Here, we're at the Sony store. Jeff showed Reeese this PSP3 (or something like that) that could play video games, but also show movies and function as an MP3 player. Cool! Reese had fun "playing" some ATV racing game. Jeff is excited about playing Madden Football 2008 on the game player. I'm sure we'll be purchasing one soon :)

Jeff & Jessie checking out a laptop and changing the wallpaper.

On our way back from the mall, we stopped at Taco Bell to visit Austen at work. Just as we walked in, he was sitting down to eat on his break, so it was great timing!

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