Sunday, July 22, 2007

Apple Turnovers & The Dance-Off

After Reese & I picked $18 worth of apples at the orchard, we had to do something with all those apples! I found two recipes online for Apple Turnovers and combined them to make one really tasty recipe!

Jessie helped me cook, and also found some time to mock me. We were listening to Reese's mix of music on the computer while we cooked & let's just say it got a little silly. But I got Jessie back (see the last video in this post!) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here's my Julia Childs/Martha Stewart cooking lesson:

Reese boogies down:

I get great pleasure from posting silly things that the members of our family do, and I'm always spared the embarrassment because I'm the one behind the camera! The tables turned though, as Jessie caught me dancing on camera. I debated posting this, but in all fairness, if it were anyone else in the family, I would have put it up in a heartbeat. I busted out some old-school moves for Jessie. She said "Did people actually dance like that?" I just grinned and said yes, although I doubt any sane person really danced like I did. If you have a weak stomach, turn away!

So I just HAD to do something to get Jessie back. You'll want to save this one, and maybe even submit it to YouTube. It's that good. Really.


Jessie said...

You did NOT just make that video of me.

This means war!

Happy Campers said...

Oh, but I asked for it girlie! :)