Saturday, March 03, 2007

Universal Sudios

We had a fun (work) trip with Daddy the beginning of the week. A conference was scheduled at a hotel within Universal Studios Orlando property, so Reese & I went along and we made a vacation out of it! We had a great time, & Jeff didn't have to spend too much time working. We ended up spending 3 full days at the park & found out that Reese REALLY does not like Shrek!

Of all the things I have pictures of, I WISH I had a picture of Jeff's seat on the flight out. First, we took a late flight & didn't depart until after 9pm (flight ran late). By the time we landed I think it was about 12:30am. Jeff had two upgrade certificates, so he put Reese & I in first class. His upgrade never came through, so he took the seat in the back. As if this wasn't already a totally selfless gesture...if I only had a picture of his seat on the plane. It was EASILY the worst seat, ever, that he's had on a plane.

He thought he was lucky with a bulkhead seat. He could deal with the window assignment (although he much prefers aisle seats). He could even deal with the noisy, talkative man next to him slurping on BBQ ribs the whole time. But this seat was right next to the airplane door, and that door stuck out about 2ft in front of where Jeff's legs & feet were supposed to go. So imagine Jeff (who is not a small man!) scrunched up against the window, legs crumpled under the seat, trying to ignore Mr. BBQ talking...all while Reese & I slept in first class. If you've ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is in first class & Elaine suffers in the back, you have an idea of how this flight went.

I couldn't thank Jeff enough for giving Reese & I the first class seats. It was ALL his flying, afterall, that gave him the upgrade certificates in the first place. Luckily, our flight home was better. So, here's some pictures from our trip...enjoy!

On our first day, Jeff & Reese waiting for the boat ride to Universal Studios from the hotel.
Reese met Woody Woodpecker for the first time. Say Cheese!

I was trying to get a good self-picture of Jeff & I. Luckily, I'm married to a goof ball, so this is what I ended up with :)
Getting ready to see Shrek 4D. Reese did NOT like the movie, and even liked meeting Shrek less.
Universal has a great Dr. Seuss themed part. Reese knows all about the stories from our reading at home. Here, we're riding the Caro-Seussel. Even though going in circles makes Daddy sick, he was a good sport & rode some ostrich-thing.

Daddy & Reese playing with Reese's ET megaphone. Universal has a cute ride based on the movie ET. Reese has never seen the movie, but he LOVED the ride!
The three of us riding a Dr. Seuss train that goes on a track above the park. This was another favorite ride of Reese's.

Mommy & Reese riding One Fish, Two Fish ride. This ride had fish all over that would squirt water on you, and Reese thought it was really funny to make our fish go into the water and get Mommy all wet.
Reese in charge of the boat.
Reese's meeting with Shrek. He wanted to go up for a picture, but as you can tell, he did NOT like Shrek!
Taking a snack break in Jurassic Park with Daddy.
Thing 1 & Thing 2 were lots of fun to meet. Daddy had a good eye & saw them walking around from far away and we ran to catch them :) And Reese loved that he matched in his outfit!
Meeting Cat In The Hat was a highlight of the day!
Driving some old Fire Truck contraption...Daddy found a fun hat to wear.

Waiting for the boat at the hotel. Some nice man offered to take our picture together...I don't get many of those!

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