Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fun Fun

I get so busy & some weeks I'm really motivated to Blog lots & lots. Others Blogging is on the back burner :) So, below are some pictures of happenings around here. Important things that don't have pictures:

1. Austen got accepted to Texas State old stomping grounds...and it looks as though this is where he will be going! Hard to believe this little boy is ready for college now:

2. Jessie participated in an Archery Competition in Temple on Friday. Denise showed me her target & she did a great job! Jessie said they didn't give awards, and I'm not sure how she ranked, but I know she enjoyed the day out of school, on a CHARTERED bus with TVs, visiting with all her friends that went. I'm thinking this Archery thing was more of a social event, with a little archery thrown in :)

3. Grandpa Al came to visit us from Arizona this weekend. As always, he's loads of fun & we're glad he was here!

Playing pirate with Grandpa Al.
Going for a walk and stomping on shadows.

Big Buddies!

Cooking lunch for Grandpa.

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