Sunday, January 21, 2007


Jeff & I took Reese to see the Doodlebops yesterday. Reese loved actually wasn't too bad. :)

Waiting for the show to start. Check out the cool winter hat Reese has! I found it 3 years ago (yes, when he was just an Itty Bitty!) on clearance for 50 cents..this is his 2nd winter he's used it. What a deal!!!

Reese's favorite Doodlebop, Moe. He's the drummer & breakdancer. Jeff & I had a debate whether or not Moe carried the show. Ah, the debates of preschool parents :)

Dancing, Doodlebop-style. I wonder how long it takes them to get all that make-up/paint off their faces...

Having fun with Daddy during intermission.

Daddy bought popcorn...yummy yummy!

Kisses for Daddy...

When we got home, Reese wanted to watch some of their video clips on line. I found an email fanclub on their website, so I signed us up (sweet!) and they sent a personalized email right away. At the bottom of this picture, it says "Dear Reese, Thanks for being such a great fan!" Reese was totally taken with this picture, & the fact that he knows his name (and sees it on the page). He actually slept with this picture all night. So sweet...

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