Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another snowy day!!!

We usually get one bout of snow each year (best I can remember), but this is our second round of "intense" winter weather. The first round was the last days of November, and then this past weekend was pretty nasty outside. The kids didn't have school Monday, which was good, because the districts that were in session all had school canceled (the kids had the day off for MLK Day).

We were supposed to host our homeschool CoOp group here today, but when I woke up Jeff said to look outside & that all the schools had been closed for the day! What a big surprise...they didn't have any "winter weather warnings" on the TV or radio yesterday like normal! So...we canceled our CoOp group today & Reese & I had fun playing in the snow, even if it was only 5 mintues. We just don't own very suitable snow-play clothes, so we got cold too fast!

I know Austen & Jessie are glad for a day off school. Especially Austen--he purchased a computer game back in February as an advanced-release order, and the game finally came out yesterday so he was able to go pick it up. He was VERY excited to get home & play I know he's glad to have a day at home to play his game some more!

Tasting the snow on his glove.
His poor little gloves got wet quite quickly. I wish we had some good waterproof gloves, but it just doesn't make sense to buy some for only one or two snow days a year!
"Look Mama! I got snow!"
My poor daffodil bulbs....

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