Friday, November 03, 2006

What's In The Tank?

Jeff has a saltwater tank in his office, & we have been extremely lucky with it's success. I always like to fiddle with my camera & see what pictures I can get. It's quite a challenge given the moving water, the fish darting around, & the fact that it's hard to focus through the water anyway. Sometimes I come up with some interesting pictures though, usually of the live corals & invertebrates in our tank. Rarely can I capture any fish pictures. Below you'll see some of the most recent pictures I snapped. The Coral Banded Shrimp is a total camera hog!

Green Star Polyps...these form a beautiful mat across the rocks as they spread. Truly beautiful as they sway in the current of the tank.

Our Coral Banded Shrimp hanging out. These guys are very territorial, and even with our 100 gallon tank, we can just have one! He has grown so much since we first put him in the tank...he's beautiful!

Two Zebra Hermit Crabs doing their job. The tank is full of "scavengers"; hermit crabs, various snails, star fish, true crabs, 4 types of shrimp...all designed to eat the left over food the fish miss. Sometimes it's much more entertaining to watch the scavengers eat!

This is my Bargain of The Century! Colt Coral sells for about $70 for a "stalk" about 5 inches tall & 3 inches wide (sort of like a small bush on a trunk). A lady on a saltwater tank message board was getting rid of all her corals, & sold me this Colt Coral for $15, and it was already the size of a football! It has grown like CRAZY in our tank, & the original coral is about the size of a basketball. To propogate these corals, you just cut off one branch & rubber band it to another rock, and soon it will attach it's "foot" to the rock & grow a new coral. We've done that twice, & now the two pieces are growing HUGE. All from my big $15 bargain!

A Blue Leg Hermit Crab. Check out the cool blue on his legs!

Another shot of the Coral Banded Shrimp, doing what he does 90% of the time...hanging upside down in his claimed corner of the tank.

Button Polyps...these are about the size of a small button each, & come in all sorts of colors. The only kind we currently have is the brown kind. Still pretty though!

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