Friday, November 03, 2006

The Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten

A person would assume that ordering calamari at Rainforest Cafe would be a pretty safe bet, as far as knowing what you're going to eat. Last weekend we all went there for dinner, & on my appetizer sampler, there were yummy little rings of fried calamari. And mixed in with these yummy little rings were these stringy fried things. I wasn't sure what exactly that was, so I began to crumble off the breading...and check out what I uncovered!

Jessie was completely grossed out by the whole thing...and I proceeded to pick off the breading from each octopus & eat it. It sure tasted good, but was VERY strange knowing I was eating the whole thing! Well--I think it was minus the top of it's head...but I'm not sure!

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