Friday, September 22, 2006

A Few More...

Here's a few more pictures from Cancun...for some reason I couldn't post them yesterday to our Blog.

I love the expression on both boys' faces in this picture. Daddy & Reese got to spend lots of time playing together on vacation, & I couldn't resist snapping lots of pictures. I don't know who is having more fun here, Daddy or Reese!

Beach Bum Deluxe!

On our night walk the last evening in Cancun, Reese was "fixing" the flag on the beach.

I found the "Night Time" setting on my camera & was amazed that it actually captured the blue of the ocean even in the dead of night. This picture reminds me of Reese planiting a flag on the's blurry because of course a 3 year old can't stand still, & the flag was blowing in the wind. Even so, I love the way this picture turned out.

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