Thursday, September 21, 2006


What can I say...our trip to Cancun was wonderful. Weather was absolutely perfect, hotel service was top notch, the flights were uneventful, & the food was yummy. But the BEST part of the whole week was spending so much uninterrupted time together. No cell phones, gym class, conference calls, computers, playgroups, meetings....just FUN together. I think we all 3 needed this time away. Daddy has been working unbelievably long hours & Mommy and Reese seem to run 90 miles an hour most days. The only thing that would have made our vacation perfect was if Austen & Jessie could have come with us. But, school was in session so we couldn't bring them.

Our first night in Cancun, Reese & Mommy walked the beach. Reese wanted to check out the lifeguard we crawled up there in the dark.

The sunrise on our first morning in Cancun was just beautiful. These two pictures were taken from our balcony...just breathtaking.

Daddy & Reese swimming

Daddy & Reese snoozing by the pool. Now THAT'S how you relax on vacation!


Catching a Bears game on TV at the hotel sports restaurant. Go Bears!

Playing in the ocean...

Listening to the Mariachi band...

On our last night, Mommy took Reese to the beach in the dark. There was a single spotlight on the water from the hotel, & Reese had a blast playing with his shadow.

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