Sunday, November 01, 2009

Black Friday In July!

Once (or is it twice now?) a year, children's resale shop Once Upon A Child holds their $10 Bag sale. The rules? Fit whatever red line tag items you can in this bag for just $10!

Now, if you've got a little one with tiny clothes, oh my gosh you could REALLY score! I wasn't sure how much would fit in the bag since my boy is older and wears a size 6 boys. But I wanted to see if it was worth the effort, so I headed out to get in line about 15 minutes before store opening.

Word of advice: if you plan to attend this sale, get there early! The line was literally wrapped around the sidewalk & they had to stop letting people in the store because of fire codes, and then it was one person out-one person in from there on. I was shocked! But I suppose I'm not the only one who loves a bargain.

The other word of advice: make sure you look for red line items only! There were a number of folks just grabbing anything and everything & at checkout were disappointed their items weren't included in the sale!

So what exactly did I squeeze into my tiny pink bag for $10? Let's see!

The count came to 9 tshirts, 1 collared polo shirt, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of athletic shorts, & 1 pair of swim trunks. For $10!

The cashier was surprised I squeezed so much into my bag, and the secret was rolling the clothes tightly. I tried folding them, but rolling them into little "logs" allowed LOTS more to be stuffed into the bag!

Now, giving full disclosure, the selection was limited. The entire store was not all red-lined items. I went from my son's size & two sizes up to find the clothes I liked and were red-lined. Some of the red-line items had a small stain or a hole, so I passed those up.

If you are willing to dig a little, you can score a great deal at the Once Upon A Child's Stuff-A-Bag sale!

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Chandra said...

Awesome! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to wait in line, but that is QUITE the deal!