Sunday, August 16, 2009

Working On My Inner Impressionist Painter

So what do you think??

Actually....the picture above is a photo-shopped "painting" of the picture below...

Have you ever in your life seen the middle of the ocean so completely still? Jeff woke up to this Wednesday morning on our last day at sea. He looked out the windows and thought we had stopped...the water wasn't moving at all.

Well, we were moving at a quick pace, but as far as the eye could see the water looked just like this:

It felt like we were in a huge movie sound stage. Remember the Truman Show, when they filmed the ocean part? Just like that...

Thank goodness we weren't in a sail boat, because we would still be sitting there :)

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Renee said...

That's an awesome picture, the first one. Unbelievable! (and not the photoshopped one, but the real one!) One day I will be able to sit still and soak up views like that...but for now, it will be while bending over reaching for a toddler hand while one eye searches for the other one! (ha ha not really, I have a great nanny, snicker!)