Thursday, March 12, 2009

He Didn't Laugh...

We drove to Grammie's house today & my wonderful Hubby fed my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction by surprising me with a pop from McDonalds!

The first sip was so delicious...I told him my Diet Dr. Pepper was like drinking candy. It's THAT good!

So what do I proceed to do?

Pick up the cup by the lid, attempt to take a sip, and spill the whole damn thing into my lap!

My first instinct was to cry. Ice & a full pop all over my jeans, the seat, everywhere. CRAP! Luckily, the seats are leather so the clean up wasn't too bad.

Me? I rode to Austin in my undies while my jeans dried on the back seat. Yes...I did! Sorry to any 18-wheel truck drivers who saw my lap! Jeff offered to give my his jacket for my lap...but I decided to live a little wild.

After I wiped up all the pop, threw all the spilled ice out the window, & gathered myself, Hubbs said he held back his laughing. Which I greatly appreciated...but I'm sure it looked darn funny!


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blessedintexas said...

I agree with Renee! My first thought was why isn't he posting pics of this?! Hee hee. Sorry for the fiasco though. Did he let you stop and get another Diet Dr. Pepper. Man, all this talk of Dr. P has got me wanting one now!

Sweet Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, I have done that a ton of times. The last time I broke out in tears! It was pathetic!