Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Is Love?

In honor of Valentine's Day, and after stealing this idea from Sandi at Lucky Thirteen And Counting, I thought I'd post everyone's definition of "love".

"When you kiss somebody. And when you love somebody" Reese

"What is don't hurt me..." Jessie (done with a dance & twirly fingers...)

"When you share your life." Daddy

"When someone fills your heart." Mommy
I hope you feel loved every day!


Sandi said...

THanks for the shout out!

Kids are so much fun!

Renee said...

Oh I can hear the "what is love" song right now, that Will Farrell and some other dorky guy sing in that movie whatever it is...omg I am LOL! Twirly fingers and all!! Go dad.