Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things On My Kitchen Counter..

Feeling really random today...which is what my kitchen counter looks like. What's there?

*A bag of chocolate donuts, half eaten (mmmmm!)

*My camera that needs to be uploaded to my computer, but the cord isn't unpacked from vacation yet

*Jessie's glasses

*Geometry In A Box game that I pulled out for Reese but haven't done anything with yet

*A rock

*The 3rd book in the Twilight Series, half read...waiting for time to read more

*McDonald's Diet Coke

*The manuals for all appliances in our home. The fireplace pilot was out & wouldn't light, so Hubbs fixed the problem for us after I found the manual. Thanks Lovey!!!

*4 bars of Ivory soap, for making laundry detergent tomorrow

*A broken Star Wars ship of some sort. Need to put the cockpit cover back on for Reese

*A wine glass filled with hyacinths...thanks Jessie!!

*A toy shotgun (we live in Texas, so that's not too random, right?)

*Three bags of Halloween-themed foam pieces, destined for Freecycle

*Jug of bleach

*Cherry pie I baked this morning

*Electric skillet from pancakes this morning

*Lid to the distracted while planning to empty the trash. Must empty trash. Must put lid back where it goes!

*Bin of stickers

*Giant Hershey's kiss, a Valentine treat from Jessie

*Red, glittery heart cutouts from Valentine's Day (see, I'm so bad about putting things away!)

*A bag of magazines that are free at the FM Library

*A big hat box that had a bunch of fun Valentine gifts in it from my friend T. Again--bad about putting things away! I did empty the box, but it still needs to be put away!

*Han Solo

*A Sharpie. Can't live without my Sharpie! I even have one in my car :)

*Folder full of insurance claim stuff. Some to file, some to follow up on. Some have been paid. You mean it doesn't belong on the kitchen counter?

*sigh*. What a mess. Must get busy cleaning things up & putting things away. I'm the worst about just setting something down & leaving it there for a week! I hope you're less cluttered than I am!


Anonymous said...

Ok that's way too much stuff on your kitchen counter! I have a pet peeve of "stuff" and so all our excess stuff is "stuffed" under the cabinets! However, right now there is a remote, a piece of note paper, two Blockbuster movies needing to be returned, a pencil and a flashlight. Oh and my phone and laptop of course.

blessedintexas said...

How can you see my kitchen counter from way over there? At least you can't see the seat of the fourth chair at our kitchen table. No one sits there so when I get tired of the clutter on the counter I just scoop it up and move it down there, never to be found again. Company coming and we might need that chair? Just move the pile to the top of the washing machine and close the door! OMG, I have to get more organized!