Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make It From Scratch Carnival

Come check out the Make It From Scratch Carnival this week! Some of my favorite ideas...

*Make your own Minestrone Soup . My favorite soup in the world!

*Recipes to make your own playdough . As a homeschool Mama, aren't I supposed to do things like this?

*A free crochet pattern to make your own Valentine's bag out of used grocery sacks!

*Got little girls who love kitchen play food? Check out this blog post that shows how to make your own little felt & bead pies from seed beads, felt, & a bottle cap. SO cute...what dollhouse couldn't use a few fresh pies?

There's plenty more to find at the Carnival...check it out!


iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for the GREAT tip!

Renee said...

Ugh, I hate making things from scratch. I even hate making cereal and milk. Lazy I am. More power to ya though! :)