Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dress Like You Mean It, Sir

"Dress for the job you want."

Have you ever heard that quote? suggests wearing work attired based on the job you are set to perform. For example, they suggest you dress slightly better than you would if you were an employee. If the dress code is very casual, you should take it up a notch.

In an article on WikiHow, they offer the following advice:

"Although there are stereotypical wardrobes designed for "power", you need more than the cliché. A President / CEO should display leadership, control and direction. True leaders instill calm, as well as leadership and discipline. The suit you wear to inspire your sales force will be significantly different than the one you wear when addressing the board of directors. For each occasion, you need to consider what subliminal messages you are transmitting to your audience. "

So when I read this article about Obama going with a more "casual" dress style, it really frustrated me.

If you are going to hold the most powerful job, DRESS like you mean it darn it. Choosing a casual style because you feel like it is disrespectful to your job, but more importantly, to your country.

Why do you think you were all gussied up for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's? Were you allowed to come to the table in your pjs? It showed respect for all Grandma's work preparing dinner, & gave a sense of formality and importance to your dinner.

Why do we dress for church on Sunday? Why not just show up in your cutoffs & a tank top?

So when President Obama decides to come to work dressed in "business casual", it shows a complete lack of respect for the country, his job, and the power his job holds.

Clothing not a big deal to you? How 'bout this...

It has been a long standing tradition to introduce the President, before he enters a room for a speech, as "Ladies & Gentlemen--The President of the United States." You've heard it hundreds of times. The President is someone worthy of an introduction.

Last week, when Obama entered the room to speak about the economy, there was no introduction of honor. It was simply Obama who walked to the mic & said
"Hello, everybody – good to see ya."

I'm sorry. You are not welcoming everyone to the annual Mary Kay Cosmetics conference.
You are The President, and by not taking that introduction & instead trying to be an "every-man" you are turning your job into something less...something smaller...something not as important.

Not enough for you? How 'bout this...

We all recognize "Hail To The Chief" that is played for the President. It's an important part of history, and the tradition of playing it for the President dates back to the 1840s. Well, Obama decided that he's just "not a pomp-and-circumstance kinda guy." So he hasn't had it played for him since his first day in office.

What does Obama choose instead?

Instead of a the US Marine Band's traditional duties, Obama is most often just accompanied by a lone piano. The new songs includes Cole Porter's "Night and Day" and Sting’s "Desert Rose."

President Obama, you are making a mockery of your job. You dress like you don't mean business, you shrug off important traditions because it's just not your "thing". The United States President comes with traditions...expectations...protocols.

Just another sad example of the Change promised. I am saddened by your idea of change.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so, I can't say I agree with all of this right off hand, although I am thinking about it. Keith wears short to church and worships the Lord as intently and authentically as the next guy in a suit and tie. I think it matters more not what you wear, but what is in your heart. Believe me, I don't support or even like Obama, but I can't say that I don't agree with toning down unimportant traditions and the stiff rituals in place of more direct and "comfy" leadership. No, I'm not converting to Obamaism. :) Don't hate me because I'm honest!!