Monday, December 29, 2008

That's One Scary B*tch!

We all have those childhood memories...that one teacher who sent chills down your spine.

For me, it was a wonderful woman who taught Computer Lit in middle school.

You see, if you were a 6th grader at CTMS, you were at the bottom of the food chain. As if it wasn't bad enough having bad hair...

bad clothes....

bad skin....

and trying to find your way around this ginormous new school, we had to deal with her. This teacher brought fear into the lives of 6th graders school-wide. You didn't dare cross her path, because she would spit fire and eat you alive.

OK, maybe not eat you alive.

But she sure as hell delighted in rubbing your face in the dirt. See, she taught 8th grade Computer Lit, and in our school, 8th graders were the shizz-nit.

It was rumored that She would drag you into her classroom full of 8th graders and yell at you in front of all of them. Yay for quality teachers!

Surely, this had to be a rumor. I had straight As. I was a cheerleader. I was perfect in every way. (maybe a *tad* bit of exaggeration here)...

The purpose of my life at 11 was to please everyone on Earth around me!

So imagine my surprise when I was walking to class & was jerked backwards by my arm. Apparently, I was going in the out door, and for that I deserved a Royal Thrashing.

She pulled me down the hall by the arm, into her classroom full of 8th graders, and poked fun at me. For going out a wrong door. I remember feeling SO small, so humiliated.

She had to have been a truly horrible, miserable woman to feel the need to treat children that way. Or maybe her underwear were shoved up her ass. You decide.

**As a side note...can you tell what generation I'm from? The Christmas door was decorated with Reagan, Gorbachev, & Santa. Yeahhhh...**


cbashara said...

Gosh she was a truly frightening looking woman. Thankfully, I went to CD and didn't ever have to deal with her, but I remember teachers like her - specifically our middle school band directors. They were horrible and are the number one reason why I didn't stick with music. They belittled us and humiliated us constantly. I was sick to my stomach every day thinking about having to face that class 2nd period. Luckily my parents saw that and let me withdraw. But then I also remember all the good teachers - the ones who made it all seem so effortless. Some people have a gift....others not so much!

Shelbs406 said...

I was a year younger than you and I remember being on edge walking down her side of the hallway and knew about the "rumor" too... but I knew a few people who actually got pulled into her class so no more rumor there! I can't believe you got a lashing from her! I, like Chandra, had the awful band experience... Mr. Lancaster! UGH, he made me feel utterly incapable of even attempting to learn to play the flute, I obviously dropped out the next year. I got to leave remembering how I accidently dropped his flute on the ground.. horrifying at the time, but I smile now.