Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Get Your Creative On With These Carnivals...

Blog Carnivals are such a great way to discover bloggers you may not have read before...and there's always tons of great ideas! I submitted our Chocolate Lollipop Recipe to the carnivals below. What else can you find?

*A recipe for homemade vanilla extract...oh yum!
*Crafts galore
*Christmas traditions
*Loads of recipes for gifts-in-a-jar (cookies, brownies, bread mixes)
*A cool instructional for a no-sew rag rug (save all those old bluejeans!)
*Make your own pressed birdseed treats just like in the catalogs
*Find 10 bargain birthday gift ideas

So join me at The Carnival of Family Life, The Carnival Of Recipes, The Make It From Scratch Carnival, and the The Festival Of Frugality

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