Saturday, November 15, 2008

Would You Rather: Day 2!!

The Tattooed Minivan Mom put up her second installment of "Would You Rather", so here are my answers below. Want to see my answers for #1-#16? Click here!

17. Would you rather walk across hot coals or drive a nail through your foot?
I would rather drive a nail through my foot. With one swift WHACK of a hammer, it would be done, like piercing your ear. But hot coals? First, it would take a long time to walk across, and then you'd have to deal with the burned feet. Do, definitely the nail through the foot. And I'm up to date on my tetanus shots, so I won't have to get one!!

18. Would you rather have city street water splash on your bare feet or lick a shovel from a horse barn?
City street water on my feet please. Licking a shovel from the horse barn is GROSS and it's your MOUTH. The water on your FEET is just a no-brainer for me.

19. Family blog...go see Tattooed Minivan Mom if you want to see this question!

20. Would you rather have to go pee ALL the time, or have to go pee really bad but never be able to go?
Pee all the time. 'Cause my kidneys hurt when I have to pee bad and can't go. And you can always pee behind a bush if you couldn't find a toilet!

21. Would you rather drown in Coke or Pepsi?

Can it be diet? 'Cause then I'd choose Diet Pepsi. But both would burn your nose when you sucked in that last breath...but you're pretty much dead then anyway so a burned nose is probably the least of your worries.

22. Would you rather eat a bar of soap or drink a bottle of dish washing liquid?

Drink the soap. The bar of soap would get stuck in your teeth, right?

23. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?

Someone you hate. 'Cause you'd have someone to eat once you killed them. Wait...did I say that out loud?

24. Would you rather papercut your eyeball or step on a nail?
Step on a nail. Again, tetanus shot covered already. You could go days without walking if you had to, but not to see? I assume if you papercut your eyeball you'd have trouble seeing...

25. Go see Tattooed Mini Van Mom for this question :)

26. Would you rather lick a frog or drink rusty water?

Lick a frog. Can't be that bad. Rusty water would hang around your guts for long enough to do damage I would think...

27. As a blogger, would you rather be famous like Dooce and too busy to really connect with bloggers, or not so famous and have connections? (Good one CW!)

I guess not famous?

28. Would you rather live without water or electricity?

Electricity. I could get into making my own candles and lighting fires for heat. Cooking over the fire would lose it's novelty I'm sure, but to live without water would be a PAIN in the arse...

29. Would you rather shave your head with a cheese grater or be audited?
If you're honest (or creative, says Jeff) then an audit would be a cake walk. So I say audit.

30. Would you rather drink a gallon of dirty hot dog water OR a shot glass of foot sweat?
Definitely dirty hot dog water. Just really salty probably. Foot sweat...UH gross!

31. Would you rather loose your 4 front teeth after bouncing your head off a cement curb OR get a paper cut on your eye?
What's up with people wanting to papercut my eyeball? This time, I would choose the eyeball paper cut. I have a real problem with loose teeth, missing teeth, bumping my teeth, that sort of thing.

32. Would you rather have explosive diarrhea OR uncontrolled vomiting?
I think vomiting is more socially acceptable than pooping everywhere, so I'd go with that.

33. Would you rather have a Permanent Yeast Infection or Permanent Hemorrhoids?

Since I've never had either one I have no idea what they feel like. I can't answer...I really have no idea!

34. Would you rather be able to read your husband's mind? Or have him be able to read yours? (Good one!)

I'll be selfish and say I'd want to read his mind.

35. Would you rather suffer from incurable baldness, everywhere, or wolfman's disease, everywhere?

Baldness. You could choose some kick-*ss hats to wear, but it would be hard to hide the hairy man problem. And never have to shave again? That would be GREAT!
36. Would you rather share your house with a skunk or a porcupine?

Porcupine for sure! Skunk stink gets EVERYWHERE!
37. Would you rather eat opossum roadkill (that's been jacked up) or bambi.

Sorry, but I say Bambi. Roadkill can have all sorts of diseases & bugs. You didn't say I have to SHOOT Bambi I could eat Bambi if I didn't see her alive first.


Anonymous said...

So you're a cannibal then?

April said...

I had the same thought as Tattooed Minivan Mom