Monday, November 24, 2008

No Matter What You Chose...

No matter who you voted for, you have to admit this is very interesting & troubling ....

The video came from How Obama Got Elected. To find their video participants, the website says "These voters were chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience."

And because interviewing a small handful of voters isn't scientific at all, How Obama Got Elected also commissioned a Zogby Poll which showed the same results. Quoted from the Zogby website, note the following:

*94% of Obama voters correctly identified Palin as the candidate with a pregnant teenage daughter

* 86% correctly identified Palin as the candidate associated with a $150,000 wardrobe purchased by her political party

*81% chose McCain as the candidate who was unable to identify the number of houses he owned

All of the above are hardly related to any election issues.

Now, please note the following statistics (quoted from Zogby), which are quite important when considering a candidate:

*83% failed to correctly answer that Obama had won his first election by getting all of his opponents removed from the ballot

*88% did not correctly associate Obama with his statement that his energy policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry

*Nearly three quarters (72%) of Obama voters did not correctly identify Biden as the candidate who had to quit a previous campaign for President because he was found to have plagiarized a speech

*Nearly half (47%) did not know that Biden was the one who predicted Obama would be tested by a generated international crisis during his first six months as President.

The point is, the vast majority of people only know what the media feeds them. The media is overwhelmingly biased. If you want to hammer Palin, then hammer everyone else as well. But that's not what happens. Then those who care to know the facts can make an educated choice, if all candidates were given a fair shake through the media.

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Anonymous said...

So true. The media are the ones who influence the voters' decisions...sadly, it is very hard to make an informed decision nowadays. By the way I hear that there is a controversy as to whether Obama has proof of US birth, that maybe he was born in Kenya...the media is not covering that either.