Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not YOUR Mama!

Reese has had a great time looking through all the Halloween costume catalogs that started coming in the mail lately. He's gone from wanting to be Darth Vader, to a UPS man, to a Power Ranger, to a Storm Trooper.

The catalog that came today had some interesting costumes. Here's what he picked for Mommy:

While Daddy gave a big thumbs up, I said, uh, no...don't think so! I thought the whole french maid attraction didn't start until they were older? What's up with that?


texasholly said...

I would hide that catalog or the boys in your house might team up and surprise you! OMG. That would be so funny...just think of the traffic to your family blog after posting THOSE pictures.

cbashara said...

That's hysterical! I went costume shopping today with Izzy and OMG the costumes...even for little girls. I think I've talked her into a very respectable looong witch's dress ;-)