Saturday, August 02, 2008

Holy Inappropriateness, Batman

Oh yes we did grow a tomato with a penis.

Welcome to the Garden of Inappropriate Vegetables. And I ate it yesterday. Penis and all.


cbashara said...

What does tomato penis taste like?

Anonymous said...

HA HAHAHAHAHAH AHAH HA HAHA HA! OMG. I just got a chance to catch up on blogs, and BAM here's this one and it just CRACKS ME UP! I think you've just gone of the deep end. I'm rolling in the floor!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

WAY TOO funny! :)

Came over by way of the comment you left at Momofali's blog. Just thought I'd tell you that I can relate to your kid saying inappropriate things about strangers. To get around this, when we moved to white-bread Wisconsin, I made a point of taking my kids to parks where they would be exposed to kids from other ethnic backgrounds. Today, my kids are teens and go to a school that's rural and pretty "white." You do what you can, right?