Monday, July 28, 2008

Small & Furry

Since we had to visit the pet store for refill of our saltwater jugs, and we had plenty of time, we stopped to play with a puppy while we were there. Reese tends to pick the tiny little Chihuahuas, which I'm always afriad we're goign to hurt because they're just so very tiny. This time, however, he picked this monster puppy who was in a cage WAY too small for a big puppy.

This was probably the nuttiest puppy I've ever seen! He kept nipping at Reese's heels & then if Reese would move fast, the puppy would full-out tackle him from behind. Then he'd try to bite his ears. Or his toes. Reese spent most of the time standing up on the bench in the little puppy petting room, while Jessie & I tried to help the pup burn some energy.

He really was funny...but it was quite obvious this guy had way too much energy and it was a shame he was stuck in that stupid little cage all day.
We also held bunnies, tried to pet a hedgehog (ouch), and Jessie found this baby ferret. It just curled up and went to sleep in her hands. It must have stayed there for 10 minutes, just snoozing.
And then Jessie showed me this when we got home:
With her fantastic artistic eye, she propped one of Reese's cowboy toys on her finger & snapped that fun shot. I like how her finger is in focus, but the cowboy is blurry. So creative, that girl.

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cbashara said...

Love that last picture! How artistic! Is she giving lessons? I need them BAD! My new camera scares me and has just been sitting in it's camera bag untouched for the past week...seriously!