Thursday, June 26, 2008

Burnin Down The House...

Reese & I had this brilliant idea that we were going to put enough candles on Daddy's birthday cake to represent each year. I'm not saying how many candles we actually put on the cake, but let's just say there were *a few*.

Then, at the store while purchasing said candles, Mommy showed Reese trick candles! He was all about surprising Daddy with candles that he can't blow out. Mommy decided that we needed two packages of trick candles, making a total of 20 trick candles on the cake, to go along with the other regular candles that would add up to Daddy's age.

I swear our fire alarm is didn't do anything after this:

1 comment:

HRH said...

Next time the fire engines roar past my house I am just going to assume they are for you.