Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Love My Family....Somewhat....

We went to Babe's in Roanoke for lunch today. Awesome.

Jeff had never been there, Grandma loved it when she came to town. Awesome.

Free jukebox with lots of song choices. Awesome.

I go to pick out some songs. Awesome.

Eating the all-you-can-stuff-down-your-gullet fried chicken. Awesome.

A sneaky Grandma who thinks she's really funny. Less Awesome.

Babe's waitresses coming behind you in a semi-circle, slapping a chicken hat on your head, requiring you to flap your wings while they sing Happy Birthday To You. Even Less Awesome.

Blowing out my candle on the honey-laden biscuit & knowing I'm living my wishes right now...way Awesome!!

1 comment:

HRH said...

OMG. I didn't know there was pictures! how fun. Where is the flapping wing video?