Saturday, March 01, 2008

Brain Droppings Across The Blogosphere

Need some good Blog reading?? While Jeff watches some show in Discovery Health about farting (seriously!), I've been in Blog Land as Reese naps.

Over at Imaginary Binky you'll find a freaky ghost story that's true. The author awoke in the middle of the night to see a prairie woman's ghost standing over her newborn baby next to the bed. Check out the rest of the post to read more. I would have to move into a new house if I saw this.

One of my greatest fears? Robbers? No. Rapists? No. House fire? No. My dear readers, my greatest fear in the world (other than perhaps my child being abducted) is being taken by aliens. When I was 10 years old, I snuck a copy of my Mom's book,Communion , and read it to my brother & friend. I had nightmares for years, I could not sleep near any edge of any bed, the windows had to be shut tight. It truly scarred me (and scared me) for the rest of my life.

In high school, my Stepmom had a Miata which I was allowed to borrow. I refused to drive with the top down during the night. Too easy for aliens to pluck me out of the car. Where I grew up, deer leases were part of life & visiting them was a common past time. I hated camping at the deer leases because I just knew I was too accessible to the aliens. I could not look at a picture of an alien without feeling queasy. When I was 16, one night at my Dad's house, I saw strange lights outside of my bedroom window. I was nowhere near a road with that window. Until I left for college, I refused to sleep in my room at his house. I slept on the living room floor, strategically placing myself out of view from the two skylights in the living room ceiling. Seriously crazy, folks.

As I've grown older, it has become less of an obsession. In college, I got a dog and felt that he would be a good warning should anything beam into the room. After college, I got a me a husband who I feel safe with. Yes, I know, aliens would probably make us paralyzed & he would do no good at protecting me while they probe is penis. But I still find great comfort knowing he's next to me in bed. And we've got two more dogs in bed.

Reese sleeps in our bed. I used to wonder if I would ever hear aliens in his room through the baby monitor. I don't worry about that anymore.

I still get weird though. I don't like walking to the mailbox at night. We live in a rural suburb with no streetlights. You can see thousands of stars in the sky. I know they can see me. So I run to the mailbox & back if I have to go in the dark.

When Jeff forwarded this article to me yesterday, I couldn't help but read it. How could someone NOT be afraid of aliens???

I feel so lucky to be a part of Austen & Jessie's lives. From the start, we've always had an amazing relationship. It pains me to read stories about others who have StepMonsters.

Momo Fali's treadmill must look like mine feels. The amount of dust gathered on the belt of the treadmill is embarrassing. I should at least turn it on so the dust rotates to the bottom...

Completely inappropriate hilarity from The Count. It is awfully funny though!


Momo Fali said...

Funny! You just gave me a great idea for a post about my irrational fear. Not that I'm saying your fear of aliens is irrational...they ARE out there, but MY's a bit crazy.

My poor treadmill thinks it's a toy box.

imaginary binky said...

Thanks for referring folks to my blog! It was indeed a creepy experience. My family has decided that I am sensitive to these things, despite my wishes not to be. Bleah.